Monday, April 17, 2023

Up From The Depths

Oh. Hi there.

Pardon the dust. Yeah, I know it looks like I haven’t done anything in ages. Didn’t I tell you? We moved! All of this. It’s over on my own site now.

Yeah, I had stuff spread out all over the web and it was causing some headaches. Plus Blogger's been formatting issues for about a year and a half now that make doing things here take a lot longer than they really should. And then, y’know, certain people reminding us all that it only takes one idiot with more money than sense to crash an online company. Better to have everything somewhere a little more under my own control

Don’t worry. None of this is going away. I’m just here now to lock down the comments, put the chairs up, maybe throw a sheet over the jukebox. Maybe one over the good couch, too, yeah? Anyway, if you linked to anything here somehow... it’ll still be here. No worries.

But it’s all over there, too. And some new stuff, too. It’ll be just like it used to—me pontificating on about this or that aspect of writing, you tossing out suggestions, and that one guy angrily insisting none of this is right. But now it's all conveniently in one place.

Anyway, you should swing by and check it out.

But now, if you’ll pardon me, I need to get this sheet over the jukebox.

Hope to see you over there.

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  1. And of course, Blogspot messes up the formatting on the last post.

    Yeah, you know what, whatever. So tired of wrestling with it...


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