Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Shameless Self-Promotion...

On the off chance you didn’t know, I write books for a living. People actually buy them. For money.

A while back my publisher cut a deal with Audible.com and now they’re having a wonderful little cross-promotion called Zombiefest. All this summer there are going to be zombie audiobooks up for great prices from Audible.com. I’ve got one in the first wave, just released today (Ex-Heroes) and it seems I’m also first out in the July wave, just after Fourth of July, with Ex-Patriots. Plus the books in the July wave come with a little bonus material, also by me, called The Junkie Quatrain.

So check it out.

Thursday I still plan on rambling on about how you can sound professional. Is anyone still reading? Haven’t been any comments in a month or two, now...


  1. pft, like you could get rid of us. ;)

    and WOOT for audiobooks, that is very shiny indeed! High five!

  2. Well, i did comment (something along the lines of speculating on the likelihood of you managing to get rid of us that easily), but your blog seems to have eaten it. Not my fault! :D